Thursday, April 12, 2007

Like a scratched CD that keeps clicking at the same spot

Another game, another close L. While I thought creating an Arvis blog would help me endure the inevitable painful defeats that would come with the loss of the Wizards' two All-Stars, I find my spirits as crushed as usual. Fortunately, there are things like this to help me through the hard times.

Last night's stats:
13 points
2 rebounds
1 assist
2 steals

6/9 FG
1/2 3PT

Not a bad effort from our man as he shakes off a bad night at home against the Nets to return to his earlier form. He's been efficient, but he really needs to step it up a level and carry the team. Up next are the Atlanta Hawks, perhaps the only really winnable game the Wizards have the rest of the way. Stay tuned for my shocking predictions...

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