Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reverse Arvinomics

Every time I predict a good game for him, Arvis has a poor or mediocre game. When I predict a mediocre game, he goes for a career high. Against Miami, even with all their injuries and a limited D. Wade, the Wiz are going to need to play some serious ball. So here's my contribution in the form of predicted stats for the Wizards' savior:

3 points
2 rebounds
1 assist
1 steal

1/7 FG
1/4 3PT

Bonus prediction: Shaq drops 30+, Wade drops 25, and Antawn Jamison ruptures his spleen.

1 comment:

Bobtimist Prime said...

Dear arvinomics;

Love the site, despite its negative tone. I wanted to present you with something. While providing uplifting content for the DCOptimist regarding Darius Songaila's likely ipod playlist, I stumbled upon this Lithuanian techno artist.

Does he rule or what?